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To Start Water and Power Service please provide a valid Social Security Number for the Primary Responsible for the Account. Positive ID is required to complete this application. All applications are reviewed and processed. Incomplete or invalid data may result in delays of processing your request for new service. Applicant may need to submit additional documentation in order for the application to be completed. Please be aware submitting this application does not guarantee service. Services will be connected Mon-Fri from 9am-6pm (excluding weekends and holidays). Please allow two (2) business days to process your request. A connection fee will apply on the opening statement. Same day requests are subject to additional fees.
Note: To aid in the apprehension of fraudulent service requests, your IP Address will be logged.
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PWP will make every reasonable effort to protect your privacy. PWP limits access to your personal information to those employees that will respond to your request. PWP employees will only release account information to owners and co-owners of the account. To access your account online or via our automated phone system, a four-digit PIN number is required.
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Please click on the "Submit" button to submit your request.  Pressing the "Reset" button will clear all of the information you have entered and start the process over.  Incomplete or invalid data may result in service not starting on the requested date.  Allow one business day to complete the transaction.
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